How to use humidibee

Click the Signup button

Humidibee needs permission to read and write to your thermostat. This permission is granted to us by YOU and the ECOBEE server. When you click the "Signup" button, you will be forwarded to the ecobee servers where you tell ecobee that you are giving us permission to read and write to your thermostat. Humidibee never has access to your password!! Ecobee grants us permission to access your thermostat by the use of access tokens. You can remove the Humidibee app and its permissions at any time from the "My Apps" area of your ecobee dashboard at ecobee.com.

Log in to authorize the app

After clicking "Signup" you will be taken to your ecobee.com login page. Login using your ecobee account information.

Decline or Accept

Click on Decline or Accept.

If you Decline

If you Decline, we will not be given access to your account and you will be forwarded back to the Humidibee website.

If you Accept

If you Accept, we will be given access to your thermostat, you will be automatically forwarded back to Humidibee and the first thermostat on your account will show up for you. You are now ready to enter your desired settings.

Automatically control the humidity for me!

Click on the toggle switch to enable or disable Dynamic Humidity Control.


Setting desired humidity levels.

Select a humidity level that is below the humidity where window condensation occurs. This may take some trial and error.

Display alert on the ecobee thermostat screen

If you choose to enable this setting you will get 1 alert per day displayed on the screen of the thermostat if the humidity has been modified.

Send me an email if the humidity is adjusted

If you choose to enable this setting you will get an email EVERYTIME the humidity is changed for you.

SAVE Button

Click this to save your settings. If you don't click save, the old settings will not be modified.


The logout button just closes your current session of modifying your settings. Logging out will not stop the automatic humidity settings. If you want to suspend the automatic humidity control, click the "Automatically control the humidity for me" switch until it turns red.


The Login button is for users who have already gone through the authorization process. We have stored your email address so you don't have to authorize the app every time you use a different computer or a different device. Just enter the same email address you used to authorize the app on the ecobee servers and you are in!