Projects and Updates


- December 4: Checked for thermostat name changes.

- December 3: Email woking ok but tag at bottom of email was repeating itself because I didn't clear the variable after sending the previous email. OOPS. FIXED

- December 3: Major issues with the php mail() function hiding the email body. It shows up in the email source but not the body...no idea why. Switched over to using an SMTP with SSL. Now emails shouldn't be identified as junk and should not hide the email body (I hope). FIXED

- November 11: Thermostats that were added/removed after initial signup weren't being updated in the "thermostats" menu. Now changes are checked and saved upon login. FIXED

- November 11: Accounts weren't being checked between 11:00 and 23:00 CST. All fixed now. FIXED

- November 10: When authorizations were revoked or something bad happened during the token refresh I was deleting users. I have changed that just in case it was an error. FIXED

- October 24: Saved current humidifier and dehumidifier mode (on/off/manual) so that we can return to that mode when we stop quiet time. FIXED

- October 24: My code wasn't checking if humidifiers were on in preperation for quiet time. Now it does. FIXED

- October 22: While fixing the previous email error I broke the humidity checker...OOPS... its all fixed now: FIXED

- October 21: Emails were being sent reporting the incorrect changes to humidity. The humidity change was correct but the email was not correct. FIXED

- October 20: Some humidifier settings we not being updated properly: FIXED

- October 20: Organized some code
- October 19: New users might not have been able to save settings. OOPS: FIXED

- October 18: Humidity level for Dehumidifier AND Humidifier were being changed. I now identify which device you have installed and change the humidity level for that device only. It doesn't affect performance but it is just a better method: FIXED

- October 15: Emails were being sent out with the wrong temperature units: FIXED


- Add tabbed menu so we can add more options now and in the future : Done

- Add option to have humidity control devices turn off during certain hours : Done

- Add option to be notified when thermostat goes offline from internet AND also notified when it comes back online : Done