Projects and Updates


- November 11: Thermostats that were added/removed after initial signup weren't being updated in the "thermostats" menu. Now changes are checked and saved upon login. FIXED
- November 11: Accounts weren't being checked between 11:00 and 23:00 CST. All fixed now. FIXED
- November 10: When authorizations were revoked or something bad happened during the token refresh I was deleting users. I have changed that just in case it was an error. FIXED
- October 24: My code wasn't checking if humidifiers were on in preperation for quiet time. Now it does. FIXED
- October 22: While fixing the previous email error I broke the humidity checker...OOPS... its all fixed now: FIXED
- October 21: Emails were being sent reporting the incorrect changes to humidity. The humidity change was correct but the email was not correct. FIXED
- October 20: Some humidifier settings we not being updated properly: FIXED
- October 20: Organized some code
- October 19: New users might not have been able to save settings. OOPS: FIXED
- October 18: Humidity level for Dehumidifier AND Humidifier were being changed. I now identify which device you have installed and change the humidity level for that device only. It doesn't affect performance but it is just a better method: FIXED
- October 15: Emails were being sent out with the wrong temperature units: FIXED


- Add tabbed menu so we can add more options now and in the future : Done

- Add option to have humidity control devices turn off during certain hours : Done

- Add option to be notified when thermostat goes offline from internet AND also notified when it comes back online : Done